Spey has significantly expanded its global presence in countries like Russia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, India, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia. Currently 5 regional offices are open in Asia and 3 in Europe. This gave us the opportunity to offer a wide range of highly efficient and affordable products to our partners and consumers.

Cooperation with representatives of global companies, use of modern information technologies and annual growth of our company – it all provides for active life and opportunities for self-realization.

When selecting staff for Spey the rule of thumb is to provide equal opportunities to all qualified candidates. No discrimination based on race, sex, age or national origin is tolerated. This policy is applied in vacancy announcements, selection process or any other interactions with the mass during the recruitment process and subsequent employment. Working in a team of professionals. Ability to move and acquire new skills and diverse experience. Competitive wage and benefits. Motivational programs based on specific position.