Cerebral is recommended for improving mental performance, increasing attention, its concentration, for the comprehensive normalization of higher nervous activity and functional activity of the brain.


Active substance:
Ginkgo Biloba 550 mg;
Gotu Kola 110 mg;
Soya Lecithin 95 mg;
Guarana 21 mg;
Ginseng 12 mg;
L’Arginine 313.5 mg;
L’s Aspartic Acid 236.5 mg;
Vitamin E 0.75 mg;
Vitamin B6 0.150 mg;
Vitamin B2 0.120 mg;
Vitamin B1 0.105 mg.

Indications for use

should be used with the following indications:
-to protect brain cells from aging;
-to stimulate neurons;
-to improve memory;
-contributes to intellectual development;
-to improve blood circulation in the brain in case of atherosclerosis and cerebrovascular disease;
-with a stroke;
-with minor mistakes and oblivion;
-with tinnitus and loss of balance (imbalance);
-in case of loss or lack of concentration or reaction.

Mode of administration

For therapeutic purposes, adults and adolescents take 1 ampoule twice a day, dilute the contents of the ampoule in a glass of water during the main meal. The dosage regimen depends on the nature of the disease and can be adjusted at the discretion of the doctor.
For the purpose of prevention, for adults and adolescents, Cerebral must be taken 1 ampoule once a day, diluted in a glass of water, during the main meal.
Duration of admission is from 1 to 3 weeks.