Tobramens Drops


Tobramycin is a broad-spectrum water soluble aminoglycoside antibiotic with broad spectrum of action against series of Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogenic microorganisms.


Tobramens 3 mg/mL eye drops, solution:
Clear, colorless solution.

Indications for use

Tobramycin belongs to a group of drugs called aminoglycoside antibiotics.
Tobramens eye drop is administered in adults and children over 1 year for the treatment of superficial bacterial infections of the eye and eyelid, such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis caused by bacteria sensitive to tobramycin.

Mode of administration

To avoid possible contamination should not touch the eyelids and other surfaces with the dropper. After dropping close your eye and press a finger corner of his eye at the base of the nose. This will prevent the droplets pass into the systemic circulation.
The bottle should be closed immediately after use.