The efficacy of corticosteroids for the treatment of inflammatory conditions of the eye is well established.


3 mg/g Тobramycin (as sulfate) + 1 mg/g Dexamethasone

Indications for use

TOBRAMENS PLUS eye ointment
is a combined medicinal product, containing dexamethasone and tobramycin, and is intended for use in the eye.

Mode of administration

Use TOBRAMENS PLUS eye ointment for your eyes only.

Instructions for use

1. Take the TOBRAMENS PLUS eye ointment tube and a mirror.
2. Wash your hands and unscrew the cap.
3. Hold the tube between your thumb and forefinger.
4. Tilt your head back and pull the lower eyelid down. This forms a “pouch” between the eyelid and the eye. The strip of the ointment should fall right here (Fig. 1).
5. Move the tip of the tube close to the eye. Use the mirror if it helps.
6. Take care not to touch the eye, eyelids or other surfaces with the tip. This may contaminate the medicinal product.
7. Gently squeeze the tube to release a strip of TOBRAMENS PLUS eye ointment (Fig.2).
8. Once you have inserted TOBRAMENS PLUS eye ointment, close your eyelid, blink several times to ensure that the medicinal product has covered the entire surface of the eye. Close the eye (eyes) for a few seconds. This will prevent TOBRAMENS PLUS eye ointment from moving to other parts of the body.
9. If you need to use TOBRAMENS PLUS eye ointment in both eyes, repeat the steps for the other eye, but carefully wash your hands before you start. This will help to prevent possible transmission of the infection from the one to the other eye.
10. Close tightly the tube immediately after use.
11. Use only the same tube.

If the ointment misses your eye, try again.